Help - NTSC to Pal Conversion



Is there any free software too convert NTSC to PAL (im from europe) Ive recently but some files and too a DVD and the program i have used leaves a watermark.

Can anyone suggest any free software?? if there is any.

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How to convert PAL DVD’s to NTSC and vice versa.

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This message doesn’t work. I tried it and it wouldn’t work. any other suggestion? I want to convert PAL to NTSC. Thanks



Use the latest version of ConvertXtoDVD and load the .[B]IFO[/B] for the main movie, or [B]Video_TS.IFO[/B] to load all titlesets.

Then go for it :bigsmile:


As far as I know this is the best method for conversion.

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I use Nero Vision 4 and it works great. haven’t try the new version to the ConvertxtoDVD. I might give that a shot.


ok, I’ve been looking around for this kind of info,

I have an ntsc dvd, menus, chapters subs and all, and want it in pal

I tried converting all of the .vob files with convertxtodvd and that worked fine, so, should I just be able to burn all the converted vob files with the original bup, ifo and the video_ts.vob file? Im guessing its not going to be as simple as that.

As vso also changes the file names from vts_01_0, vts_01_1 to vts_01_1, vts_01_2 so no “_0” anymore, I guess this could get confusing

Its seems that no 1 click software exists, all the stuff I’ve seen involves downloading loads of freeware packages just to do one job!

I would use Nero, but in my experience has been aweful, maybe some incompatibility with my comp, but it has never worked properly.


Currently there is no software that can do this with menus.
CxD will have proper menu editor soon, at that time probably it can also handle loading full menu with chapters etc. and do conversion.
Meanwhile - you can convert without menus.


thansk JJ, so it is necessery to convert everything to PAL, not just the vob files? Guess I would make a screwy mess if I tried to bodge

Will look forward to the next vso release then



No - there actually is no need to convert menus unless you really want to keep them as they are in original.
Most users have no need for chapters and extras, so just converting actual movie is needed. That can be easily done with current version.