Help! Noobie Questions

Hi! From what I have been reading on this forum, I understand that if I have a supporting burner that works well without emulation, then I could use alcohol 120% or discjuggler to create a perfectly working copy of my sims 2 cd. But if my burner doesnt support this, then I would have to use clonecd and use the emulation setting when I try to play the game.

Am I correct?

Also, where can I find out if my burner (toshiba sd-r2312) works well to use Alcohol 120% instead of clonecd?

Finally, if it turns out that it is compatible, then would I have to create an image file and then burn it, or can I create my copy using copy wizard (alochol 120%)?

help is really appreciated

Hi imboring2000,

I guess the only way to find out is to try and burn the game. Use a CD-RW for a better chance of success. If you have another drive to play your backup from, use it because chances are your Toshiba wont like it. Remember to use emulation (Hide CD-R Media and SafeDisc emulation) if your copy doesnt work. Lots of errors are normal at the start of the CD when creating a image of the disk. I wouldnt rate your chances as being good with the latest CloneCD.

Good luck.

Well from what I understand, CloneCD now emulates SafeDisc 3.20 so you must have Hide CD-R Media enabled.

I was talking about Alcohol emulation.

Ahh no problem mate.

Just tho if anyone gets confused Alcohol’s options are Ignore Media Type and BAD Sectors Emulation.:slight_smile: