Help No Sound!



After upgrading to 3060 Beta something has happened to the sound on the rips. These are all rips to avi. Media Player, Power DVD, and WinDVD no longer have any sound on the files when before they always did. The only players that have sound with the avi now are VLC and MPC. I would assume at first it’s a codec issue but opening the file in Gspot tells me all the codecs are installed and working but other info is missing or says the render has failed.
I open the avi’s with Gspot and it doesn’t give all the usual info it usually does like what the percentage of the total is video, audio, and overhead. Alot of the info it usually gives is simply missing making me think the encoding went wrong somehow.
On the very bottom of Gspot under Proposed Codec Solutions and Tests, under Audio number 1 it says Status: Not Yet Rendered. Use 2 to render. So I go to number 2 and first it said:
“Failed to create instance of Moonlight Odio Dekoda. CoCreateInstance() failed. Error: 0x80040154: Class not registered.”
I manually downloaded and installed this codec and ran Gspot again and now it says:
"failed to connect output pin 0x00bd820c (several different pins)(“src media”) on avi to input pin 0x00bd83ec (several different pins)(“input pin”)on filter 0x023364ae (“DivX Demux”).connectDirect failed.Error 0x80040207. there is no common media types between these pins.
There’s 5 different ones that failed like this all DivX Demux. There’s a 6th that’s labeled AVI Splitter that passed. The one that passed gives me the option to press 3 to play. So I press 3 and can hear the sound.
Can anyone tell me what to do to get the sound back to where it worked with everything again?


Sure sounds like a codec problem. The upgrade to beta solved alot of the audio problems, so I’m surprised at your post. On the advice of the program author I recently downloaded and installed a new codec and have had ZERO audio difficulties. Here is a link to his post, which has a download link. If Ting, the co-author sees your post he will respond, probably by asking you to download a program called Yamb and run it to gather information on the AVI files. It is freeware but I can’t find the link :o right now (It’s late (or early) here). If I find it I’ll post it or you could probably google it.


It does sound like a codec issue, especially since some players can play it but others can’t. But before, all my players could play whatever I ripped with DVD Fab. And the specs Gspot gives don’t look normal or anything like they did on a rip that “worked”. There were no failed or unable to render errors before. Since my earlier post I downloaded WMP 11 to see if that version would play the file and it still had no sound. I’ll follow your link right now and download the codec (been installing codecs all day lol), and check out Yamb as well and post back what happens.

EDIT: After installing the above codec I have sound as long as I don’t skip or scan. If I do the sound completely cuts out and I am forced to stop the file and start over from the beginning. I also downloaded Yamb, although I don’t know what to do with it. I was able to split the audio from the movie and the entire audio soundtrack was playable in Winamp.


Yamb should open with the “Extract” tab selected. Click on the blue box marked “input” and select the file you want to examine. It will then display information on video and audio tracks in its text window. You can click the “By Track” radio button at the bottom, then use the drop down track selector which then appears for more detailed information on either track. The attachment is an image of what it looks like in Global mode. It will also extract either track and do other manipulations.


It’s definitely something wrong with how DVD Fab is encoding the avi. Overnight I ripped the same movie with AutoGK and it came out perfectly. It has sound in all my players and Gspot shows no errors and gives all the usual info.
Yamb shows no info at all on the file ripped by DVD Fab:

It shows nothing under By Track either. I’ve even tried uninstalling 3060 beta and reinstalling 3055, but now 3055 does it too. Whatever 3060 beta changed on install doesn’t revert back on uninstall. 3055 never did this before now, it used to work fine, except for the subtitle crash problem which is why I tried 3060 beta in the first place. Please tell me you have some idea how to get DVD Fab working again! :eek:


I was able to get some info on the file using VirtualDub. Still no sound in most devices however.