I used DVD DECRYPTER to rip the movie 007 world is not enough and then DVD2One, but there is no audio in the files made by DVD2one ?? Does someone no why???

I had something similar when I did Reservior Dogs. I am so used to choosing the first audio track. In this case the first audio track was DTS. Since I don’t have a DTS decoder attached to my dvdplayer, there was no sound. I corrected this by choosing another audio trac.

select an audio track (put a v next to it)?

Sometimes when you select audio that is not first in line in the Audio selection part of DVD2One you have to use your audio button on your DVD player to switch to another Audio, say Dolby is in slot #1 but I pick DTS in slot #2, on some DVD’s i may have to manualy change what Audio I want to hear while playing the DVD. (For some reason it defaults to #1 wich is blank). Not sure why, i thought DVD2One would remove having to edit the ifo after the dvd is processed.

This probably made absolutly no sense :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry


Do you or anyone that had this problem tested before you burned it? I am having same prob. but it is before the burn. "

Any suggestions?

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you have to turn up your volume.