HELP-No Audio when playing a DVD


I have searched the forums for any answers to my problem but havent been able to find anything. However, I would assume this maybe something common that a newbie encounters.

My problem is when playing a DVD movie in my DVD-drive, I am not getting any audio. I can watch the movie but have no sound. Now, to help with any advice, I will let you know that:

  • I don’t have mute on
  • I am using Windows Xp pro
  • I have WMP 10
  • I have NERO Showtime also
  • I installed the player that laucnhed on inserting the DVD and even that didn’t play sound.
  • I don’t get sound in either WMP or Showtime.
  • I can play movie files fine, audio CD’s fine, sounds fine etc. etc.

Can anyone help? Is this common?


Hello again,

I’d like to tell everyone that I made some progress. I installed a new DVD Decoder plug-in for WMP and it seems to have worked. It is now playing fine through WMP. However, it still won’t play in NERO Showtime. Now, I don’t really mind if it doesn’t–as long as it works it doesnt worry me what program it works in. But I am curious as to why Showtime can’t play audio. Isnt that what the software is? A DVD player?

I also seem to be getting some freezing when I make a menu selection on the movie. Does anyone know why this might be?

Thank you,

Well, I have no replies above but maybe everyone’s enjoying their Easter break while I am having to deal with DVD/PC problems :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I have resolved the above issue. In case anyone else comes across this and needs help like me: here’s what I did… I uninstalled PowerDVD, WinDVD and the other players that I had tried to get to work. I then downloaded and installed Xp Codecs Pack 1.2.0 which was available on the website or you can just goggle and find it. Once I had installed the codecs package, NEro Showtime which I had installed with NeroVision began to play sound. So did WMP10. When I clicked on the info button in WMP I could see a plug-in called AC3 which gave me all sorts of controls and must have been what was needed to get sound.

So, all in all, if you dont get sound out of your DVD player but have sound working on every other aspect on your system, you need codecs–it’s a software issue. I have also read somewhere that to re-install your DVD player could’ve made it work as well but I just installed the XP codecs package which I figured would come in handy anyways later for any other media.