HELP - No Audio on DivX file when played on Home Unit

It’s happened a couple of times now…I download a movie in AVI file format, it plays fine on the PC, I burn the AVI file to a disk, put it in my living room player, and disappointment (actually anger as well)

THe movie plays well, there is ambient and background sound, but no dialogue. The lips move but I can’t hear what they say. Yet I put that same disk into the PC, play it in Media Player and it’s fine again.

My home unit is a Sunvision 820 (see here )
Disk = DVD-R
Burning software = Nero 6
File = DivX encoded AVI

So, what is the cause, and what can be done to fix the audio?

Any assistance would be much appreciated. I’ve still got the AVI file on my HD, so it can be manipulated if needs be.



Welcome UK Martin. Are you converting the file to MPEG 2 Format?

Nope, he’s got a standalone player that can handle DivX.

Your first step should be to open up the video file in GSpot, and see what format the audio stream is. The player probably requires it to be mp3. Let us know if it is or isn’t and we should be able to help.

It seems to me the audio may be in AC3 format.

Well, in any case, what you need to do is turn it into a mono, stereo, or joint-stereo MP3.

Well, run the DIVX file on the computer through GSpot or one of the other programs to give you information on the codecs used.

I’m guessing it’s either:

  • AC3 audio


  • Multi-track audio with a separate dialogue track (foreign TV shows often are shipped around the 'net like this, but usually as OGM).

I’d wager it’s likely AC3, though. Just need to do a joint-stereo audio combine.