Help No 1 Else Has!



i have a dvd drive not a fancy make just a bog standard dvd drive and it plays cd’s just fine but when i put a dvd in nothing happens it dont even read it it just ses please insert disk into drive i have all the codecs and my drivers up to date it was working fine befor but 1 day i turn my comp on hopeing to watch a dvd but noo nuthing happend iv got power dvd windows media player and allsorts but no it dont work plz can someone help me out hear.

thanks in advace: ace


DVD drives have different lasers for CD and for DVD. It is very common for a drive to fail and have one media work just fine while the other is dead. Sounds like this is the case for you.


Can you read data DVDs?


oooh… nice choice going with Cyberlink Power DVD it’s my favorite dvd player thingy