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i got a new computer recently and copied dvd’s fine read them and all, burns cd and reads them fine too, but when i insert a blank dvd i cant veiw contents and size is 0bytes out of 0bytes, tried lots of different blank dvd’s but same for all. thought bout driver but dont know where to look, updated firmware but. ummmm its a lite-on dvdrw SHM 165P6s and didnt come with a installation disc or anything cant format either


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What do you expect to see on a blank DVD?

Windows Explorer with it’s built-in [U][B]CD writing[/B][/U] software allows you to burn to CDs but not DVDs if that’s the issue.


no i cant see anything cant even access it or format it, i want to copy dvd files from my computer on to the disc p.s my name is tim c


i insert any blank dvd and open my comp click on d:/ icon changes from dvd to cd [they ARE dvd’s] and says d:/ is not accessable incorrect function tryed formattig them but cant


You need a burning program, i.e. Nero, to burn to DVD.


The reason you can not access them is because they are blank, meaning there is no Data on them to acess.
If you burn something to the blank disc then and only then can you access them because there is something on it to access

To format a DVD or a CD they have to be -/+ RW disc


What you’re seeing is perfectly normal behaviour for a Windows system with blank DVD media.

You need a burning application to be able to do anything with DVDs. Good free ones include ImgBurn and CDBurnerXP Pro. Both are easy to find by googling.

If you want to create a DVD Movie disk then CDBurner might be the easier one to try.


There was an utility once called INCD or cd direct that allowed the drag and drop feature that u mention . But they are not reliable and they simulate multiple session write


im gonna try to burn to it and see what happens i have nero and nero INCD so ill try them


I’d strongly recommend NOT installing InCD unless you really need the drag & dropping way of doing things. It seems to cause more problems than nearly any other application.


thanks all that helped


i have another question whats if the files u copied off a dvd disc do not fit on a blank dvd disc?


Are we talking about a DVD movie or data files?

If it’s a DVD movie then you’ll probably need to compress/shrink it with DVD Shrink.


To run a test of the drive for FREE-use one of the programs mentioned OR Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. This is an all-purpose CD/DVD burning program with none of the issues that either Nero or Roxio has. It also supports virtually all CD/DVD drives.
You did state that you had made copies of DVD’s - could be the drive has died. Also, you never said what program you used. Some software that is supplied with machines is not fully functional or has a certain amount of time that it will work for, unless you buy it.
Just some thoughts-good luck