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Well I know this might be a stupid question but please answer anyway for I am new to the whole dvd decryption thing but with the dvdfab decryption software when I chose a location to save the finished file to a warning appeared stating that all the files in this location will be deleted does this mean that just in the dvd folder or in the entire disk meaning my whole life work of downloaded anime files and program files. Just to be sure I would like to know because it happened to me before luckily that time I had a backup external disk but this time i’m not so lucky. Thanks


It is the chosen HD target folder the contents of which will be deleted and also the contents of the DVD ±RW media if that is the target


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It makes sense to create a folder specifically for the movie you’re backing up. That’ll avoid any confusion & concern.


This needs to be there for those who choose to use the one click option that uses a temp folder. I prefer to have a DVD folder that I create. C:\DVD\Name_of_Movie. I still get the message but since I created the folder I know it is empty, so I click OK. This is to protect your folders that have information in them that will give you to double check.



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At any time an internal hard disk and/or an external hard disk are subject to failure. A prudent individual would have a backup copy of all import data. You evidently have a DVD Burner and it would be a wise step to backup all your precious anime files and program files to DVD media. It is simple to do and only takes a few minutes to safeguard all-important data and record this vital data to DVD media. That way if you have a have internal hard disk and/or an external hard disk failure you still have your precious anime files and program files safeguarded to DVD media.

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