Help, New TDK 2.6GB DVD-RAM disc, Type II, not possible to format on any drive



I’m here for help as I think I’ve run out of options and drives to try. I have lots of these discs mentioned in the title (tens of …) and I cannot format or write to it on any DVD-RAM I’ve tried including my Matshita / Panasonic SW-9573S. I didn’t manage to check them all yet but I’ve opened about ten pcs. and nothing. My cartridge drive recognizes the disc but I get an error every time I try to format, I’ve also tried removing the disc from the cartridge and format in other drives, Liteon, LG, HP, Pioneer, nothing I can’t remember exactly now but I think none of these DVD-RAM capable drives recognized these discs, so after doing a lot of “research” on the net and MRW and other similar stuff I’ve came up with nothing. Tried InCD, and some other software, nothing I even tried some home dvd-recorders RAM capable, nothing. So … Help ! ?

Thank you in advance !


For what speeds are they marked??

I think I can format them using a non D Pioneer burner.