$ HELP! $ - new SONY set top box plays burnt DVDs in B/W



hi all, :frowning:

recently my father in law brought home a stack of DVDs from Thailand, and when we played them in the new set top DVD player (SONY DVP-NS50P) they came out black and white. I re burnt it through DVD shrink, but came up with the same problem. these dvds play fine (full colour) on my PC and on a friends LG player. :doh:

and DVDs that I have burnt in the past from originals play fine on the SONY too. the problem is only foreign pirated DVDs.

is this the DVD player knowing that the discs are foreign/pirated? :confused:

is there anything I can do to get the colour working? A friend told me that there might be a special code that you type in to the remote to “crack” the mechanism so it will play pirated discs :confused:

:bow: - - - PLEASE HELP!!! - - - :bow:


I think it’s a question of NTSC & PAL. Your DVD player or maybe your TV is not capable of playing the other format.


I can verify that - since over there they use NTSC and you are probably using PAL. Either you can try looking through the DVD Player’s setup menu and set the TV Standard to PAL or PAL 60Hz (If your player can convert systems or you will get an error message, PAL 60Hz cannot be recorded, only be displayed and may display a shrunk picture) … or check your TV’s input standard and set to AUTO/NTSC (if you have a multisystem TV). Else you can buy an expensive NTSC to PAL converter … or re-encode the DVD into PAL (but sometimes the video comes out jittery because of the telicine used to convert film into 30fps and that being downsampled to 25fps


This often occurs with illegal DVDs from those regions.


hmm… but why would NTSC/PAL only affect the colour?
It plays fine - no stretching or letterboxing just the BW issue.


ok, i see. just did my homework on PAL/NTSC.

I changed the settings on the set top, but still no good. the discs are definitely PAL, and still B/W.

very strange


if you play it on your computer and you get colour - it’s NTSC being played on a PAL system. The fact that there appears to be no other problems is normal since the TV’s are able to tolerate a slightly different refresh freqency. Also - the reasion why you get black and white is becasue the Luminance channel is getting through, the problem is the colour carrier with NTSC is at a different freqency hence no colouR!