Help! New Plex. 716a restarts computer when a DVD movie is run, cant back up movies?

My new Plex. 716a restarts the computer every time I put in a DVD movie and it will not recognize any of my pre recorded ones. I need to back up 10 of them today, what do I need to do ??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

right click on the dvd drive icon in my computer, click properties, the deselect DLA. Also disable Autoplay.

Might want to check your PC power supply also. Plextors are quite power hungry and it seems to me more than a coincidence that your PC is now resetting itself when the drive is spinning up to read DVDs. Cheaper power supplies - even high watt rating ones - can give this kind of problem by not providing the power they claim to. Do you have another optical drive in the PC also?