Help new nec 2500a messed up power dvd

hey guys, ever since i got the nec 2500a dvd burner into my drive i cant watch movies on power dvd 5 anymore, to be more specific…like the movie would comes on and play but there a black screen that covers what is showing so im watching a big black screen while the movie is playing in the background…also i just got the nec 2500a also so i havent done any tweaks to it but it came with the 1.7 firmware but i wanted to set it to where it can burn DL so can someone help me with that also and if there anymore tweak i can do to it please help thanks alot

if you use the search function, you’ll find many links to “modified” firmware for you drive. Flashing your drive with knackered firmware can hose your drive…so know that up front.

For the record, I’ve heard alot of reports that the knackered firmware to upgrade the 2500a works really well, but dl media is so damn expensive, it’s mor of a test than anything…:slight_smile: