Help! New Lite-on DH-20A3L is giving me trouble. Grrr



Ok, so I just bought this drive earlier, put it in, now it won’t read the Nero Essentials disc that came with it. Lucky I have another drive so I installed Nero just fine. Now, everytime I put in a disc (music CD, blank DVD-R, blank DVD-RW) and try to access it from My Computer, my PC will freeze up on me.

Tried updating the firmware with the newest one from Lite-on’s website(EP5A), it became worse and gave me a BSOD when I tried to open a data CD, and now the tray won’t even open.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.


Is the drive jumpered properly… (check the jumper pins)


It’s a SATA drive btw. I thought there was no need to mess with jumper settings with SATA drives, or am I wrong. Sorry, 1st time I’m doing all this. :slight_smile:


Do you have another sata connector that you can try. A different sata port… Have you check in the bios, and made sure that the device shows up there.


OK, I have it working now, turned out to be conflicts with some nVidia drivers. Thanks for your replies, harley2ride.


I also experienced the same symptoms and problem “SkullDuggory” had with his Lite-On DH-20A3L. I also have the same SATA DVD Drive and when I installed the Nero 7 Essential CD that comes with it, my computer also freezes up (Like for example: I can’t open open programs, but I can see in the task manager that the programs I opened are running.) Likewise I can’t open the Nero programs.
Another problem is that I also can’t burn DVDs on this SATA Drive. But it can read DVDs just fine. I also tried another SATA port but the result is just the same.
My setup is IDE 1- Maxtor HDD(Master), IDE 2 -Hitatchi Drive(Master)
Lite-On CD-RW (Slave), Sata - Lite-On DH-20A3L
I also flashed it with EP5A firmware from the Lite-On website and uninstalled the Nero software and tried other freeware DVD burners like Imgburn, FinalBurner, AVS Disc Creator but the all can’t see my SATA Drive except AVS Disc Creator. But the problem is that the program can’t see that I already inserted a DVD disc to burn.
By the way, WindowsXP can see the DVD disc that I inserted and I also have no problem with my CD-RW drive.
SkullDuggory said that NVidia drivers may have caused his problems. Well I too have an Nvidia Drivers installed so can anyone tell me how he resolved his problem or if there is any other solution to this problem.