Help! New DVD Recorder - Disc keeps saying 'incompatible or unreadable disc'

I just bought a new DVD Recorder Pioneer DVR-231. After the initial set-up, I loaded a new blank DVD+RW Disc to record a tv show but Player keeps sending out a message " ‘incompatible or unreadable disc’ .

What could be the problem here?

Looks like your recorder is not capable of writing to a +rw, after a quick look at, right here. You may want to check out Pioneer’s website, but it doesn’t look like this is a compatible format for writing. Evidently, it can’t read a +rw either.

mainman is correct. I found this on the Pioneer site:

[B]Media Capability[/B] DVD-Video/[B]DVD-R[/B]/[B]DVD-RW[/B]/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/Video CD

It will burn DVD-R’s and DVD-RW’s but not DVD+RW