Help! New DVD Recorder - Disc keeps saying 'incompatible or unreadable disc'

I just bought a new DVD Recorder Pioneer DVR-231. After the initial set-up, I loaded a new blank DVD+RW Disc to record a tv show but Player keeps sending out a message " ‘incompatible or unreadable disc’ .

What could be the problem here?

Quoted from user tech reviews of the Pioneer DVR-231:

“Note if purchasing: thе unit DOES function with both DVD/R and DVD/RW but it MUST be -R or -RW…not +R or +RW. Нореs this saves you from hаving to pull the manual back out and dig for this info if your disks won’t wоrк.
(I know it says this above, but it’s important to know b/c +R or +RW will NOT work)”

The DVD Player works well with the very same DVD+RW discs that I have. The only problem is when I load a ‘blank disc’ of the same DVD+RW disc, soon after the tray goes in, a message is shown on tv screen saying incompatible disc or unable to read.

These are Infomedia DVD+RW blank disc that I’m using. I have previously recorded movies on them using my DVD Burner on Computer and they work fine with the same DVD player on playback but its only when I insert a Blank disc , that I receive the ‘incompatible Disc’ message.

What to do?

All help appreciated!

The Pioneer DVR-231 can PLAY a DVD+RW, but it can
only RECORD on blank DVD-R or DVD-RW.