Help! New DVD burner causes boot freeze

I finally got a DVD burner yesterday. An IO/Magic (BenQ 1629 firmware B7C9). At $40 after rebate I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

The problem is that it causing my system to freeze at the Windows splash screen. Happens most of the time. Sometimes boots OK and everything seems fine after that; looks good in device manager and win explorer though I haven’t tried a burn yet. I had it installed as master on the secondary ATA channel with my Lite-On cd burner as slave. Then I tried cable select for both. Then I tried it without the Lite-On.

I have an Abit NF7-S board running Win XP Pro SP1.

Any ideas? Help please!!

I’m going to try it on a SATA channel with an IDE adaptor now , then I will test it in another box.

Well SATA didn’t help. It works fine in my other machine. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’m stumped…bb

Questione for moderator:

Is cross posting against forum rules? I didn’t notice it mentioned. I would like to cross post this in the BenQ forum.

Jeez I just checked this post and I have no idea why there are so many duplicate posts.

Anyway problem solved. I removed nforce IDE drivers and installed generic windows drivers instead.

thanks very much for your hard work - i just had the very same problem and solved it using your solution - cheers! :bow: