Help! New Benq 1620 Pro - Not recognising any media!



Hi guys

after being a long time reader of he benq forum, i decided to actually take the plunge and go for one.

I ordered it last week from Ebuyer and it arrived today.

firmware it came with was B7T9.

eager to use it, i installed it to my pc, everything went ok, tray opens closes etc, but no damn media is recognised with it!

have tried different brands of DVD-R, DVD+R, CDR and non of them get recognised, the green light flashes for a few secs then goes out.

now im using a nforce2 motherboard and when i went to the benq website i saw: 940 KB Version: B7U9 28-02-2005

Release Notes:

  1. Improved the compatibility with nForce chipset.
  2. Fixed “no data found” issue of a CD-R disc which burnt by Nero and Simulation mode is selected media.
  3. Added support for MJC 16x DVD+R, Giga 16x DVD-R & Ritek 16x DVD-R F1 media.

great i thought! installed B7V9 thinking this has to work, but it didnt, same problem.

what you think my next course of action should be?

i did a search and read it maybe my PSU, but ive had pioneer 105, 107, 108, 109, NEC 3500 running with this same PSU and they have worked fine. so do you think it could be the PSU at fault?

i have nero installed aswell but that doesnt recognize any disks either.

any help most appeciated!



Have you got any other CD writing software installed or have you got windows cd burning software enabled as this can cause problems if multiple writing programs are installed. You could also try the BenQ 1620 on another system to see if it works their.


have disabled the windows cd writing software and have put the benq in another pc just now and the same thing happens!!!

this pc has a 550W Enermax psu which is regarded (or was) as one of the best psu available.

so im guessing that next best thing is RMA?

just to add that it wont play original dvd’s either :frowning:


From what I’ve seen in other posts, recent 1620s have been problematic. Sounds like the optical pick-up’s not working. Waste no time: send it back for a replacement.


thanks guys, i am writing out the RMA form right now, hopefully ebuyer will sort it out.

one more question, it came with B7T9 firmware, but i have flashed it with the latest one, will that matter in terms of warranty? i didnt happen to void my warranty by flashing it did i?

should i flash to B7T9 again? or leave it with the latest one on, for when i send the drive back?



I would think you would be ok if you used Stock B7V9 Firmware. Just flashed mine back to stock B7V9 FW as I had it Speed patched (Thx ala42).:slight_smile: Mine came with B7T9 FW. Just did it to avoid problems.



got my RMA number and it will be posted out today to ebuyer.

was looking forward to using it aswell!!

oh well


I just bought my BenQ 1620 today and tried some Maxell DVD-R media in it but it did not recognize the discs. I was able to burn a Maxell CD-R perfectly fine. I really hope I don’t have one of the bad drives. That would really sour my whole experience with DVD writers. I’m going to try returning the Maxells tomorrow and buy some Verbatim DVD-Rs as well as some DVD+Rs to see if it makes any difference.

crossing my fingers


try + first.


If you guys used retail units, then perhaps they are defective.

However, if you used a wholesale or generic unit, these do not come pre-packaged with an 80 wire cable. They also do not come with the paper warning note that says to use only an 80 wire cable.

Also, it may be necessary to clear motherboard CMOS if you are upgrading from an older/different unit. While the new drive is certainly recognized, it may be suffering from settings that are “locked in” because of the previous unit. It is also good to leave the port in use to Auto Detect.

*If drive is on endpoint of new cable, put jumper to Master
*If drive is on center of new cable, put jumper on Slave
*If drive is on old cable, dispose old cable


just an update

sent the benq back to Ebuyer yesterday (2nd June 2005) and they have sent me an email today 3rd June 2005 saying that it is indeed faulty and they will replace it.

it was a retail boxed version that didnt come with an 80 wire cable, just screws, manual and software.

incidently the box seal had been broken when i opened up the parcel. Looked a bit suspicious to me, but i thought it may of happend in transit as it was sent in one of them strong Initial City Link bags.

will update you with what happens when my replacement arrives.


That’s two BenQs eBuyer received today, and two replacements sent out. I had to send one back because it stopped ejecting the tray. Hope the next one lasts a little longer than 2 months.



damn, looks like their stock isnt any good, will see how the replacement goes.


just got my replacement and boy does this drive rock!

im a dvd-r user my self and have done my first scan:

what you reckon?