**help Nerovision***nero 6

hey there,

after using nerovision for awhile, i got this message

the instruction at “0x006b6ce4” referenced memomry at “0x014d39888”. The memory could not be read.
Click ok at terminate the program

but i dont know whats causing it, i even re-installed Nero 6 from stratch and put back all the patches and updates but i still dont know whats causing the Nero to keep crashing. If anyone knows their help will be greatly appreicated.
thank you

~Desi Prince

It would help if you described what you were doing at the moment, step by step.

I get the same or similar message on my comp at work, which does not have Nero on it, at different times in different programs but esp. in IE and Outlook.
The problem is in Windows not Nero.

yes there is definitely a problem with NVE3! When I compile a 80+ images slideshow with transitions between the images, the transcoding process dumps to the desktop. Without transitions all is fine…

I’d run memory/system tests.


I get this if I use 2 pass encoding, it fails during the burn process, (burning to an image). Single pass encoding works fine…

AFAIK this has only started happening in the latest version …