Help Nero wont read my DVD

Hello, I recently upgraded my liteon DVDRW LDW 411S to liteon DVDRW LDW 811S. Everything went fine with no errors and is working properly. When I goto a nero and I want to write a simple compilation, it cannot see any off my write speed. My Writer is a 4x but it comes up as blank.

can any1 help

Does your Operating Sys recognise your upgraded drive O.K? You can check it with your Device Manager assuming that you’re using Windows. If YES then can you check also that your Nero version supports your upgraded drive O.K? You could check this using the following link:

I suspect that your version of Nero does not support you upgraded drive.

Good Luck

Which version is this Nero? Have you tried to re-install this application? May help you. Looks like you may need to update the program.

Well I am using WindowsXP… On that nero link my drive DVDRW LDW-811S is supported. I am using Nero I have checked my Nero Express, but its only reading now at 2.3x which is strange, as its a 4x and I have seen it as 4x before?

Help Pwease:D