Help Nero Won't Burn Audio Cd's (will Do Dvd's)

:sad:Please help! I have been burning cd’s for years using Nero and now and again it has finished burning the cd it says 100% but doesn’t actually finish to allow me to take the cd out of the drive. I then have had to reset the computer to let me do this.

It did this recently but since then everytime I try to burn a cd it tells me to insert a blank cd , when i do it doesn’t register that I have put one in and continues to say Insert a blank cd. I am stumped as what to do. I also tried to use Power2go and i still had the same problem. It lets me burn dvd’s fine no problem at all. Someone please help!! :sad::sad:

what kind of cds are you using (brand)? and what kind of burner are you using, have you tried burning with a different burner? and which version of nero are you using?

Combo? Sounds like a knackered CD laser to me.

I have been using Philips cd-r’s but have tried few since its stopped working. I am usig nero vision express 2. As for burner I know its a sony thats about it! Not very technical i’m afraid. I hope its not all burned out :sad: