HELP Nero Media Player is suddenly giving an audio error

I have been using the Nero Media Player for over three years now without any problems. Recently I have been getting an error message when I attempt to play tracks on a CD in my CD drive on my PC. I have always used Nero in this way.

The error message I get is:

Audio Source plugin error;
The operation completed successfully.
(error #0)

Now even though it says operation completed successfully the track won’t play.

Can anyone out there please, please, please help me to get rid of this error and get Nero working again? :sad:

Try installing new codecs, I would reccomend the all in 1 codec pack, you can download it from and see if that helps?

What version of Nero are you using? What kinda media are you using? Are they original or burned cd? I would advise from downloading plugins until your sure your not having issues with the nero program itself. But first is first what version are you using and does it have the latest updates to it? Also have you tried to Add/Remove and delete the folder for Nero and then reinstalled nero with updates to see if the problems reappears? Does the Cd play on another computer or standalone player?