HELP! Nero/Lite-on problems!

:sad: I have been burning DVD’s with Nero 6 for the longest until two days ago. I messed up my default programs priority by adding Music Match and even though I uninstalled all of that I have been advised to, Nero still will burn DVD’s anymore. CD’s work fine but not DVD’s. The drive stalls and clicks after it spins up and takes forever to lead-in and lead-out (almost two hours for a small set of VTS files), then the disc is unreadable (PC & DVD player). I did a clean uninstall of Nero and still the same problem. I cannot update my firmware because I am unfortunately using a discontinued piece of garbage Lite-on SOHW-832S “VTS” that neither e-machines nor Lite-on will support. I usually burn through AnyDVD/DVDFab/DVDShrink/Nero with over 200 DVD’s burned and only a 5% coaster rate until yesterday. I have also tried burning with AnyDVD/CloneDVD, same problem :Z . Please help, I am realy going nuts over this as I use my burner almost every day. Is it Nero, firmware, or burner burnt out? I am really willing to buy a new burner but I don’t want to have it installed for nothing if Nero is the problem or if I can work around the firmware somehow. Thanx for all help.

Will the drive read a commercially pressed dvd? If not, it is likely that the laser for the DVD is gone. It is a pretty old drive!

Hey Harley2Ride:
This is the most puzzling part. The drive reads commercial CD’s perfectly. It just won’t write blank DVD’s now as of two days ago after I downloaded MusicMatch, uninstalled it , and clean installed Nero. Commercial CD’s play fine on PowerDVD and Nero Showtime. It even plays my previously burned CD’s perfectly, it just won’t record anything. Any ideas?

Try for a system restore if possible. :wink:

hey this doesnt really involve your post but i was wondering if you know how to mod an xbox? please help

That’s really too extreme of an option, I’d rather rip out the drive than do that.

Sorry I thought you meant a complete windows system reinstallation. I have already done a sytem restore back to before the date I installed MusicMatch and it only made thigs worse. That’s when Nero had me do the clean install and it has been downhill since then.

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System restore will hopefully fix the issue, so long as it’s not a hardware issue.