HELP! Nero is messed up!

I have nero 6.6 OEM suite and when i burn anything it says Unknown Burn Phase in the even log thing the hole burn, and then when its done instead of saying burn completed successfully or what ever it says it says Unknown Burn Phase. Also when i uninstall nero 6.6 OEM suite then my disc drives wont work, they dont even come up in my computer, and if you go to device manager they say that the drivers are corrupt or missing (code 39) Any ideas? I dont have a clue on what to do to fix these issues???

Anyone have any ideas?

I’ll take a stab at it. Is this a fresh install/new computer? When you uninstall Nero your drives should still be reconized? What OS are you using? Have you tried going to the Nero website for updates or check the FAQ’s? I have never updated my Nero. I just use the OEM disc that comes with all my OEM drives. I have uninstalled Nero many times and never had my drives not show up. When you do the uninstall do you put the Nero disc in? Sorry i’m not much help but just trying to get the ball rolling for you. :o

Its not really a new computer. I’m running windows xp professional. When i uninstall i dont put the nero disc in, are you supposed to? I’ll have to check the Nero website for updates or FAQ’s. thanks

the first thing i’d definitely try to do is get nero totally off your computer and get your dvd drives working WITHOUT nero installed…then you cna add nero and assess and further problems once the first part is fixed.

i would first try a full uninstall using the Nero Clean Tool available from the nero website and see if that solves anything with drive recognition after nero uninstallation.

assuming that fixes that, you can then proceed to install nero.