Help - Nero has assimilated my HD!

So I installed Nero 6 from files saved on my external HD. It installed fine and everything seems to be working ok after a couple of tries. However, the installer program seems to have taken over my shortcut to the HD. I’m operating with Windows XP Home w/SP1. In My Computer, the icon for my HD is Nero’s burning colisuem, and when I left double click on the drive, the installer program appears. Making it worse, I can’t remove the installer program because I can’t find it. . . I think I archived it (possibly using WinRAR) and can’t seem to figure out how to unarchive it.

I still can access the external HD by right clicking and selecting open, but would like to unassociate the installer from the left double click shortcut. I’m admittedly an OS dummy, so simply telling me to fix the system root file, or something like that unfortunately won’t help. I would greatly appreciate step by step help if possible! Thanks!

This has been an extremely useful forum. Thanks to the time and efforts of many here, I am now enjoying 6 min burns and 22 min rips with my new NEC3500AG and herrie’s 2.17FW!!! The NEC was what prompted my upgrade from nero 5.5 to 6 and my subsequent screw up . . .

right click the shortcut and check the target field.
also check the drive for a file called autorun.inf

target shows G:

will check the autorun.inf

i actually think i hid the file rather than archived it. will check the unhide files if that is the case, and then try deleting the installer. . .