Help: Nero "grabs" all of my media files upon installation


I’m new here, looks like a very informative forum.

I just bought a Samsung SH-s182 DVD burner. It comes bundled with Nero Express6. It will replace another DVD burner that also came with Nero. Here’s the problem:

Upon installation, Nero seems to search out any audio and video files and puts its “stamp” on them making it imposable to open the files without using Nero. I ended up deleting Nero. I’d like to install Nero with this new drive but I’d like it to leave my video / audio files alone. How do I do this? Is there something I need to do during the install?


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Is there something I need to do during the install?
Of course. Always use the “custom installation” method (this also allows you to select only the components you want to have). During the setup you are asked about the file type association. Just “uncheck all” at that stage.


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You can even do a standard install. As this will give you options for what files you let Nero use as default.
It is one of the last (if not last) screens in the process.
I always selct none for all files as my other s/w’s ar my prefered choice.
Even if this didn’t happen you can still goto the s/w of your choice & make it the default s/w for those files.

Thanks for the quick replies, guys.

I guess I didn’t notice the screen that allows me to select the files Nero uses as default. I should pay better attention!

I’m starting an audio / video bussiness so I should be around here a lot.

Thanks again!