Help !, Nero Exprees Now Burns Really Slow

Had the current system running for 6 months and succesfully made hundreds of dvd’s using Nero Express, Just this weekend the burning has slowed right down to take approx 45 minutes to burn a 3GB Movie using both 8 speed +r infiniti discs or 2x infiniti -r.

The time counter and % done dont move smoothly and jump up eractically with the nero program refreshing on screen very slowly every couple of minutes.

Also when burning the system takes 15 - 20 seconds just to repond to mouse movements, other commands like opening the web browser wont happen until the burning has finished, then everything happens at once.

The discs are fine and play no problem, its just taking a long time to produce them and its hogging the machine.


Can you help?

Many Thanks


System Details

Mobo :Asus A7N8X- Deluxe
Processor : Athlon XP 2600
Memory : 1GB DDR 3200
O/S :Win XP SP1, All Updates
Burner : NEC ND2500
Burning Software : Nero Express 6

Try running the Nero cleantool and then install Nero again to see if it is a bad installation.

Nero cleantool:

Nero updates:

Thanks MikeKoo

Uninstalled nero, Ran the clean tool and got a message :
Registry Checker, There where some errors in the registry , the registry checker corrected these, System reboot

On reboot, Error Message :
Pinnacle driver check detected problems with your driver settings, would you like to fix these now, clicked yes

rebooted again

installed nero 6

Burned a disk and its still slow (Max 1 x)

Started from the begining again except clicked no at the pinnacle error message, results still the same.

Ran nero info tool, On aspi it shows system aspi installation is corrupted, nero aspi is correctly installed
checked the driver files for the dvd burner in device manager and the first file (aspiw2k) is provided by pinnacle systems.

How do i repair the aspi files?

Many Thanks


problem could be caused by pinnacle and nero not co-existing happily on your system. perhaps one must go ? did the problem begin soon after installing pinnacle ? suggest installing aspi v460. get it here

Thanks Ghosters,

Ran the program and it showed as aspi installed correctly in nero and aspicheck BUT its still burning slowly (1 x maximum) so i dowloaded and installed the aspi updates from adaptec and its now saying the aspi install is bad in nero and correctly installed in aspicheck?.

I emailed nero to see if they could help and i expect a reply tommorow.

The machine had been fine for 6 months, the only thing i can remember doing was updating pinnacle studio so i will contact pinnacle.

Thanks for your help, I feel a reformat coming on. :confused:


Sometimes reinstalling (dont’ need to reformat with winxp) is the only way. I’ve had problems with Nero programs running slowly before which was fixed by a windows reinstall.

Have same problem here, or similar. Nero 8 burning fine up until this week and now it takes 1hr 30mins to burn and verify 4gb data to disc. Used to burn at 16-20x now it appears to be at 2x. No reason for this have a Lite-On 20x drive and burning media is Verbatim 16x.

Currently downloading Nero now so I can uninstall and re-install all again. I hate computers when this rubbish happens for no reason.