Help NERO 5

Hi all this is my first posting, hope someone can help me with this, I had to clear my laptop and tried to save ALL my stuff on disc to put back on again, stuff I can never replace boo hoo, anyway it is on disc and still on my laptop in a nero image cd file and I cant get it open , :confused: would appreciate any help on this, laymens terms please :doh:

are you saying you burned a nero .NRG image to the disc? thats not the right way to go you should have burned it as image and not data or just burn the files/folders as data far easier theres no need to create an image first , anyway just mount it to a virtual drive with magicdisc or daemon tools then youll be to browse it and copy whatever you want , btw nero 5.x is way too old you should defintly get at least

how do I get virtual drive or daemon tools, sorry I am not very technical


That doesn’t matter as long as the drive of the original poster is supported. Some people do not want to spend money for software they don’t need.