Help needed



Can anyone help please?I'm trying to make backups of three games medievil,dinocrisis and urban chaos.Are there any special protection fixes on these games?As i've backed up several games with and without patches in the past with no problems.I've tried upgrading my firmware for writer,used different software for writing and allways write at x1.Unable to use clone cd my reader and writer aren't supported.I'm using a SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-204B and a SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD 606F.


I have the same problem with CloneCD, but only my Cd-rom is not supported. I too hate using patches cause the Gameshark does not load on a game that is patched the whole thing just freezes.

My advice to you is to either buy a supported writer and Cd-rom or to start using patches cause theres no other way to copy these games.

Ps…the games you mentioned are all protected, i had to use patches on all of them. CloneCD is the only program i know which can copy without patches but then you need the proper hardware.

Good Luck.


I’m not sure if the gamez are protected, but to copy I use Duplicator. I can even copy safedisc protected gamez with it and I don’t need patches. U should try and see if it supports your writer.