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I have a problem with my tdk 1616DLN also know as nec-3550. I tried burning using maxell 16x dvd-r. Nero express give me the error, illegal disc, could not perfom start at once and the burn process fails. Can anyone help to solve this problem? Thanks

Probably it needs a firmware update to recognise this media correctly.

tdk does not have any new firmware update since god knows when. do u recommend the unofficial updates?

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If your drive is still under warranty, then probably no. If it isn’t ,then yes. What’ve you got to lose?

Drives are so cheap nowadays that the warranty is rendered almost meaningless.

Personally I’d go ahead and flash it to either Liggy & Dee’s RPC1/Bitsetting version of latest official NEC 3550 firmware or their unofficial enhanced write strategy one.

If the instructions are followed correctly it’s very unlikely to go wrong and even if it does go wrong it’s unlikely to happen in a manner that can’t be fixed

I suppose it depends on how much you value the warranty.

From my own perspective though I wouldn’t want to put up with sub-standard performance just to retain a warranty when for a small risk you stand to gain enhanced useability for the entire lifespan of the drive.


Flash in safe mode and with NO media inserted, that most likely would avoid issues.

Thanks for the replys, i made a mistake, my writer is nec-3500.
i have flash using the Liggy’s firmware, initially the first burn completed successfully, after which, the burns could not complete. What could be the problem?

Which firmware did you use? The best one is 205D from their website.

Could be that you have to update your burn tool.

I am using nero ver I change my firmware to Liggy’s 3500 bitsetting 2.1b.

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