Help needed

Hi Im new to all this so please go easy on me.
I have a NEC ND-3540a and ive been trying to upgrade the firmware with Bin flash.
I have a Epox M762a motherboard running 2 xp-m cpu’s overclocked to 2.4 gig.
Will Binflash run on dual processor boards?. When I run binflash and load up my firmware the program seems to hang when writing the new firmware.

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What OS are you on? Do you use?

Make sure you use appropriate BinFlash version.

BTW, run PCU/system bus at rated speed when flashing!

Windows xp pro
I have 2*xp-m2500’s running at 2.4 gig using wires in the cpu sockets. both cpu’s are watercooled and its not realy practical for me to change everything to run them at standard speeds.
I had problems flashing a sony drive a long time a go as well.
I ended up using another computer to flash the drive.
Is there a problem using Binflash on dual cpu motherboards.

Might be a good idea this time also. :slight_smile:

Make sure your IDE bus is running at 33MHz though. DVDRW won’t burn any good if/when bus speed is overclocked.

All bus speeds standard only altered multiplier due to chipset divider limitations and pc2100 memory.
Is there a specific version of binflash I should be using with a dual cpu board