Help needed

I owned an Enlight DWDL1624A, which I searched the web to find out that it was a rebranded BenQ 1620 model. I recently flashed the firmware with the version of G7I9 (I think, I checked it with Nero InfoTool). Now the DVD-R burning is a bit funny… The data DVD i burned will be readable for a period of time (few weeks, I think), then the drive will spend a very long time to read the disk, just to return the info “Empty Disk”.

Is there anyway I can flash it back to the original firmware? The thing is I don’t know the original firmware version.

I’ve checked the Unofficial BenQ Firmware page, but there are lots of firmware to choose from. Which one is the one?

I went to the Enlight official page, but can’t find anywhere mentioning their optical drives. Are the drives no more in production?

Thanks for any help in advance. :sad:

How did you flash G7I9, did you just run the exe? If you did the drive was already running BenQ bulk firmware, so you can safely update it to a newer version (G7V9, dunno if they’ve released G7W9 yet…).


I downloaded a .exe file from one of the Enlight website quite sometime ago, with the name RW1624, I think. Now I can’t find it anymore, and I have throw it away after flashing the drive.

I made a mistake by leaving a burned DVD-R in the drive while flashing, but it was only a popup messege reminding one to remove any media in the drive before flashing. I thought during that moment it should not be flashing yet, but I saw the LED indicator was blinking red, and I can’t get the disk out. I kept pressing the drive door button, and after quite awhile the disk came out. I then flash the drive again with the same file, and everything looks ok after that, until now.

Actually, I did notice some DVD burning problem before this. It happened before, that when I burn data DVD and ask Nero to verify data after burning, the verifying process got stuck at 1% for one whole hour. I forced the process to stop, and ended up with an unusable disk. Another instance was that the burning process stuck at 51% for more than 40min, and when I stopped the process, the disk is unusable again. Could this be fixed with firmware flashing? Or it’s the hardware itself has problem? I used an ordinary brand DVD-R 4x, which has a rather good reputation in CD-R/-RW production.

Thanks for the reply.