Help needed

I am trying to apply the latest system update and Im having no luck.I am
unziping it burning it to cd-r as a data disc loading to the 5005 and all Iam
getting on the recorder is file. Hope you good guys can show me were I,m going wrong.
Many thanks.
stan35. :bow:

1.Did you finalize the CD-R? If not you need to do that as per Liteon!
2.Hit “Setup” on the Remote and hit the “Default” or “Reset” I can’t remember, I’m @ work! Then retry!
3. If that doesn’t work after you have reset the “Default”. leave the disc in the 5005 and shut it down and the start back up with the disc in it and it should work!

Only thing i can add is to make sure you’re opening the file and burning the unzipped file to disc.If you’ve got two updates (a system and a drive one)do the system one first.Liteons web site will have offered you two if applicable to your serial number.