Help needed with VB.NET



I’m currently using VB.NET 2003 & Nero to develop a front end for burning audio cd’s using Nero’s COM object and I’m running across 2 issues right now…

The first issue is that every time I exit the application when a cd has finished burning (successfully or unsuccessfully) I get a memory cannot be read error (below).

.NET-BroadcastEventWindow.1.0.5000.0.3:AutoBurn.exe - Application Error

The instruction at “0x079d6a19” referenced memory as “0x09522030”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the program

Now I’m not sure at all why I’m getting this so if anyone has any guidance it would be most appreciated. Maybe if I could just trap this error and not display it to the client when they exit the app, but I’m not sure how to do that either.

The second issue is a little bit more simple. I ran across the problem of giving the app the wrong file path for an audio track and it was erroring out simply saying that the burn failed. I thought I was properly handling the track not found event, but perhaps I’m not, any suggestions?

My Handler:
Private Sub NeroWriter_OnNoTrackFound() Handles NeroWriter.OnNoTrackFound

    MessageBox.Show("Some Message")
    lblStatus.Text = "Some Message"
    Exit Sub

End Sub

I have NeroWriter & NeroDrive publically declared and the With Events option set

Thank you for any help!


Here’s another (perhaps simpler) problem that I’m having as well. After the COM object burn process is complete and the CD is done being created the application spits out a burn failed error.

Now I’ve looked at the audio tracks and have listened to them all and the CD to me looks perfect and ready to use in production, but I don’t like to have these unknowns lingering around plus if I ignore the error and assume that all the cd’s are okay, I could potentially miss an actual problem and that wouldn’t be good.

So has anyone run across this issue as well or at least have some guidance into things I should be looking at?

If code is needed for this or the above two issues I will be happy to provide it.

Thank you.


anyone have any ideas at all?


Ok, does anyone maybe have some vb6, vb or c# .net example code that I can look at to see how you went about having NeroCOM create an audio cd for you?

Maybe it’s a problem with my code and I’m just not doing something right. What I’m looking for is perhaps an example of how to create a true audio cd using the NeroDrive.BurnIsoAudioCD method with the NeroAudioTracks collection instead of NeroISOTrack object since I can’t get the audio cd to play in a car or regular stereo if I use NeroISOTrack.

In one of the earlier issues I’ve narrowed down that the use of the NeroAudioTracks collection seems to be the cause of the application crashing with a memory not able to be read error upon exist of the application. Using ISOTrack everything is fine, but when I switch back to NeroAudioTracks that’s when I start receiving the error.

Thanks for any help…


try sample