Help needed with Securom v5.00.03.0001 (fixed exe)


I have an English teaching CD-Rom of which I have succesfully made a backup copy using the twinpeaks method. Now… my Toshiba SD-R 5002 doesn’t seem to like this disc (we all know why) and I thought a fixed exe would be a far better solution. Do you know anyone who could do the job for me? I know there are not many people out there who do this kind of dumping but I hope the best. The title is English Grammar in Use, by the way. It is merely one file, as usual, but it’s the same on the CD (the exact same securom protected EGU.exe is copied over to the install folder so it would be easy to replace it on the CD without the need of creating a crack or whatever folder for the fixed exe) Thanks in advance…

Discussions about and asking for fixed .exe’s is against the Forum Rules , please read them before posting again.