Help needed with regard to LG GSA-4040B

Please help! I have a LG GSA-4040B with (currently) A300 firmware.

I downloaded both the A301 and A302 firmware and want to upgrade, but I am apprehensive.

The LG installation instructions for A301 include the following statements:

  1. Execute the firmware program.

  2. If the current firmware version is a lower number than the new version the Update button should be green. If it’s red the program cannot communicate with your drive or your drive has the current firmware revision.

When I load both the A301 and A302 firmware programs the Update button is red. Is it safe to go ahead? The drive itself is certainly not faulty.

Also, is it possible to upgrade from A300 to A302, or does A301 have to be implemented first?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I went straight from A300 to A302 and have had zero problems during or since. It is not a big dealt to flash.

Many thanks… it worked great… no problems.