Help needed with RAM drive

I have just got a new nec 4570 and thought I would try out writing to some ram discs I mistakenly bought cartridge disks, no prob I thought I will just take the disk out of the cartridge and use it, no such luck nero sees the disk but tells that the write fails with invalid media. what is the difference between the rom disc in a cartridge and a normal R/W rom disc, or am I doing something wrong. :o
many thanks.


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To read/write DVD-RAM disks is necesssary to install a DVD-RAM driver in Windows XP.

You can get a Panasonic driver (works with any DVD burner) at (the file size is 64 MB). Download, install it and reboot.

After that it is necessary to get an update for this driver at BHA site here (This is the english version and it is 2.6 MB only). Download the file, install it and rebbot.

Now if you load your DVD-RAM in the driver, it will be recognized. But it is necessary to format the DVD-RAM disk. For this, there is the DVDForm appllication installed with the driver (accessed through Start > All Programs > DVD-RAM > DVD-RAM Driver > DVDForm). First read the “Using the DVD RAM disk” pdf file in the same directory, to understand the difference among the available formats. I use UDF 2.0 format.


Many thanks, got the drivers and installed, still no go, these discs apear to be already formated to udf but seem to be write protected. I shall just have to put it down to my stupidity and buy the right disks.
It seems that taking the discs out of the cartrige to use them won’t work :a
Many thanks anyway.

Cartridged DVD-RAM media is not suitable for such burners!

I bought a couple of Verbatim in cartridges & once removed they’re fine.

I thought that the whole idea of the RAM driver & DVD-RAM disks is that you just drag & drop with them.
And removing them from the cartridge works fine for me with the 2 Verbatim ones I bought.

Then you had luck, because most of all cartridged DVD-RAMs available now are older revisions which are incompatible with newer drives and revisions of course.

Like with DVD±/RW media, DVD-RAM also has different revisions, which are mostly incompatible together because of their structure.

This would seem to be the case, the cartridge dvd rams I tried were single speed end of line stock from BigPockets so I expect the format was no good for my latest nec drive Oh! well never mind they were only 45p each, worth a try!

They may be perfect for some (older) standalones, eg. the ones from Panasonic. :wink:

Cheers. I tried this and the DVD-RAM is reported as being unformatted by the recorder. But when I try to format it, the recorder says that it can’t format it.

There are different DVD-RAM revisions for players, recorders and media incompatible together.
You only could try…