Help needed with Overclocking

Hello Cdfreaks,
Being an avid gamer, i’ve always thought of delving into the overclocking Melting pot. I’ve no problem in
overclocking the processor or graphics card,but my main concern is overclocking memory. Here’s my question to all you knowledgeable people out there… Can Rambus memory be
overclocked? If this is possible what sort of additional cooling do
i need to maintain a stable system?
As always thanks in advance for any replies.

Micro$oft XP
Aopen H500 case with 2 extra case fans.
Giga-byte 8IHXP motherboard
512 mb Samsung pc800 Rambus memory
SB live digital
Lite-on cd-rw LTR 40125s
Lite-on dvd 163d
Gi 4400 graphics card
P4 2.4


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Yes, Rambus memory can be overclocked. Our forum member Wannes, managed to OC his PC1066 memory to 1200+Mhz. Not that bad :).

When overclocking memory, adding cooling is a good thing, as it prolongs the life of the memory and will increase stability. Besides that, setting the memory to higher latencies, and raising VMem may be needed.

The overclockability of memory depens on many factors. One important one of those is the quality of the memory…

To my experience, Samsung RDRAM is a pretty good for overclocking indeed.:slight_smile: As Dee-ehn already said :wink: my PC1066 is overclocked to 1200+. To be exactly, I raised the FSB to 156Mhz (normal 133). Quadpumped, this is as much as 624Mhz FSB (<->533). Dual channel RDRAM -> 2 x 624Mhz = ~PC1250 RDRAM.

This overclocking is done on a Gigabyte 8IHXP (rev2.1) and you have the same board (be it on ~400FSB though, because of the PC800 RDRAM). I doubt you can “fool” the mobo and your memory by selecting PC1066 and a 533FSB, although you never know unless you try :slight_smile:
Anyhow, you can always try to raise the FSB in small steps (don’t forget to enable “over RIMM voltage” and your CPU will probably need some more Vcore too. (watch your CPU temp!!)

The modules have default aluminum heatsinks and they are sufficient for cooling in my case (standard air cooling).

On my other mobo (ASUS P4T-533c), the RDRAM runs at default speed (PC1066). Not because of the memory, but because of the CPU. It’s a boxed 400FSB P4 2Ghz, but I “fooled” the mobo by selecting the 533FSB nevertheless. Now the CPU runs rock solid at 2,7Ghz on a 533FSB. I don’t even have to raise the Vcore.
I can’t get the FSB further than the 133 -> 533 FSB though, so that’s why the memory runs at standard speed. :slight_smile:

The Abit TH-7 was as favorite for overclocking amoung the Intel enthusiasit over at [H]ardocp

I’ve got a collegue that’s running a P4 2.4B at 3.5GHz (292X12) on a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP cooled by an SLK-900 w/ Tornado 92mm and 2 sticks of Corsair PC3500C2 512MB. A truely remarkable task with memory running 1:1 and memory bandwidth benchmarks at well over 3500MB/s which exceeds PC1066 normally at 3300MB/s.

He can run at 3.6GHz (200X18) but not with the same stability.

Yez, but that’s something totally different :slight_smile: Ivanhoe is using RDRAM; can’t compare those FSB’s with DDR.

Quite natural too, that new hardware outperforms 1+ year old hardware :wink:

Gotcha Wannes. I thought the sig in the post was proposed not actual.


P.S. I love the last line in your sig;) :wink: :wink: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: