Help needed with Nec ND 3500 AG

After encountering problems burning TDK 16x dvds i updated the firmware and flashed the drive with the official firmware from Nec,version 2.1B,which i believe is the latest.All problems were solved but a new one has come up.
The drive doesnt read the dvds i have burned, it just displays them as blank disks.I have tested the dvds on other drives and they are ok.Dvds that i had burned before updating work fine too.What is the problem?

Update the IDE drivers.

How exactly do i do that?I did a search with google but i don’t understand how and where i have to go to update the IDE drivers.

That depends on the chipset of your mobo.

I have an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard with a Pentium IV 3.2 Processor.

Welcome to the forum. ASUS has instructions for updating IDE drivers if you want to use theirs. You can also just delete the IDE drivers from the system control panel and after a reboot they will reinstall from Windows. You might also check your cable and make sure it is 80 wire. What software is telling you the disc is empty? You should download CDSpeed and CloneDVD (free trial) and burn a new DVD, then see what CDSpeed says. This is a weird problem.

TDK is not the best media and I had trouble getting my 3500 to turn out good burns; you might want to consider Verbatim media at 8X.

Truly a weird has only happened to me with TDK dvds,all other brands work ok.Its not some software that tells me that the disk is empty,its when i insert it in the dvd drive (the same drive i use to burn them) it shows its empty.Just burned a couple from a different set of blank dvds, also TDK and they work fine.Can’t explain it.I’ll take your advice and switch to Verbatim.