Help needed with Liteon 1673S


just bought this dual layer dvd writer and was using dvd shrink to copy my dvds. ive been using ridata and imation dvd media -r type with no problems and backed up both the bourne supremecy and amityville horror dvd’s. today i bought some ritek inkjet fullsurface printable -r 8x speed dvd media, which doesnt seem to work with the drive. ive tried backing up the punisher (has copy protection) and children of the corn (no copy protection) and both have come out coasters. tried them in the dvd player, doesnt play. please could someone help me out.


@ vaporand,

DVD media manufactures continually tweak the dyes in their DVD media and if you are experiencing difficulty with your DVD media it is prudent to insure that your DVD burner has the latest firmware installed.

You can determine the current firmware version installed in your DVD Burner with a software utility similar to DVDInfo Pro (

For information concerning your DVD burner firmware visit the Recording Hardware Forum at CD Freaks located at ( The folks at the CD Freaks Hardware Forum are very knowledgeable and have developed various firmwares that optimize the full potential of your DVD burner.

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I’m not sure if it would help you in this case, but you could also try ripping the DVD files onto a folder on your HDD, then use Nero to burn them under the DVD-Video setting.

I’m not sure about the newest version of DVDSHrink, but I could never get the earlier one to rip and burn in one process.