Help needed with LG 4521B combo Drive



Hi all

whan I try to update the firmware (from 1.01 to 1.07)
I get an error saying…


Cannot Load Dynamic Library!!!


and than it says


CD-ROM drive model doesn’t match!!

OK Cancel

just to be sure,I checked the driver physically, and it IS an LG 4521B driver…
can anyone help me with this problem ? seems pretty strange

If it helps ,My OS is WinXP 64 bit edition and my motherboard is An Asus P5B (that supports only one IDE channel ,and not from the chipset but from a Micron Chip)


anyone ?


Well, I think the JMicron chip’s driver is the culprit.
Is it possible to use the Microsoft IDE drivers instead?


I am surry for my noobiness,but how I do that?


LG has stupid flashing soft ware. they force you to flash outside of safe mode. I tried a bunch of stuff such as registering dlls and copying files. but in the end. Safe mode turns off some of the ddls you need to flash with it’s stupid. This goes against flashing logic.