Help needed with jedi academy (newest securom)

I have a problem with backing up the first disc. I cannot get my bwa to finish. It reaches 97.27% but then wont go any further. Ive tried doing it on every single speed. I have had no problem in backing up previous version of securrom but the latest is giving me some greif. Can anyone help me in backing up the first disc?

Is this a North America release?

no its the european one (uk)

its safedisc 2.9 not securom!!!
it wont bwa !!! as its hitting all the bad sectors at 97%

i live in uk and copied fine with blindwrite with liteon 48125w
clony confirms safedisc 2.9 disc 1 no protection cd 2.
why you assume securom?

I went to the protections list and it said it was securom. ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Well at least i got a bunch of coasters now :wink:

Can you let me know how to backup safedisc 2.9?

Originally posted by Finalbob
ICan you let me know how to backup safedisc 2.9?

Alcohol 120%, safedisc 2 settings. Wierd though. Mine (North American) is SecuROM, I’ll be posting a BWA soon…

you must remember it is very common for different countries distributors of programs to release them in different parts of the world all carrying different versions of copy protection.
as for copying both alcohol and blindwrite copy this fine however safedisc 2.9 is sometimes tricky and erratic depending on the type of writer you have.
also the reader can play a part in the successful running of this
what do you have? finalbob???

>what do you have? finalbob???

He has a 24x Lite-on which cannot cope with sd 2.9.