Help needed with IRC commands

Hi i have been working on starting a dvd forum and i have been using IRC so that the online users can chat 2 one another.

I am using cjb’s irc chat.

The trouble is i use mIRC 32 and i have moved my board and i had my old channel registered to me and my friend who runs the board with me.

On the original board we used this command to register and become the ops to the board;

/server (sername)

/nickserv REGISTER (password) (email-address)

/identify (password)

After i did this my friend and i were automatically ops when we joined our channel.

Now when we started a new channel i had to register this new channel & enter this command to become the OP;

/msg chanserv register (password) chan description

This command worked 4 me. However when my friend who runs the board with me enters the above command it doesnt work 4 him.

How can he make it so he automatiically becomes an op or mod to our channel

Can any1 help us pls. Thanx.

Whoever then channel founder must select ops… In this case I’d say you are…
Since I haven’t messed with IRC in awhile I dunno the exact commands, try the /help command or something

Thanx 4 ur reply usa_dewd ill try typing help.

Has any1 else got any ideas pls, thanx in advance.