Help Needed with Dual dvd860

Hi! I have just bought a second hand Dual dvd860 to play my Divx files with, no probs it seems to play everything I chuck at it. One niggle though when I am playing a dvd if I stop playing for a while it goes into screensaver, OK thats what it’s suposed to do, but after about five mins it then powers down, not so good, as when I power back on it has lost my place. I have not got the manual for this machine so I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a setting to stop this automatic power off.

Is there not a setting in the on-screen menu…?

No it only has on/off for screen saver, no mention of auto shutdown

Sorted! it seems that if I turn of the screen saver it also turns of the auto sutdown, wierd, seems to defeat the object of a screen saver but it was cheap!!!

To be honest I was going to suggest trying that, but it seemed like a stupid idea! Anyway, glad you got it sorted :).