Help needed with DL DVD burning!

Hi everybody, I’m new here, I really need your help please because i don’t know too much about burners etc.

this is the problem. I tried to burn a verbatim DL DVD-R but it failed at about 50 % (when going from a layer to the other)…

I don’t know what’s the problem, my burner is an Optiarc AD-5170A and it never gave me troubles with normal DVDs…

I looked a bit around here and I heard about firmwares, what are the and how do they work?? How shall i update it??

it’s not surely a software problem because i tried both nero 7 and dvd shrink, so I don’t know what to do, i’m in your hands, please help me!!!

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Can you post a log?
I would recommend using Verbatim DVD+R DL media …
BTW, I prefer using IMGBurn to burn to DL, works for me… you could also try DVDFab Platinum, has 30 day free trial and an awesome 1 click prog…

Firmware are the instructions for the write strategy for the burner
If you are looking for the firmware for your drive/Burner try the link below

I’ve always had the best luck with IMGBurn when burning DVD+R DL.
Suggest you give it a try with your DVD-R DL Verbs.
Verbs are excellent, so you should have success.
If not successful, suggest you follow t0nee1 advise and post a log.

Try to use Verbatim DVD+R Dl as one of the above posters suggested, then rip your DVD with DVD Decrypter to your hard drive and then use the Decrypter to burn it into Verbatim DL disc.

you could also try imgburn…it’s dvdd’s burn engine updated

how do I update mu burner’s Firmware??? I downloaded it, what must I do now??

Follow the instruction, they ususally come with the package.