Help needed with DL burning =)

Well basically i’ve got a SONY DVD RW DRU-700A and i’ve never used it to burn Dual Layer till now…I got a movie which is 7.6 gb and basically im trying to figure out how to burn it onto a Dual layer DVD…firstly I need a +R DL dvd not a -DL dvd correct? (I’ve actually got one Verbatim -R DL disk on me)

Secondly im using Imgburn to try to burn the video folder but when i go to burn and go to device it always shows up as Current Profile: DVD-R (when i have the DL disk inside)…Im trying to figure out how to change the profile to DVD-DL (or +DL if thats what i need). I know i need to change this profile part because when I try to burn the video it says that there is not enough room on the disk (4.7gb) to burn the folder which is (7.6gb) =(

So basically I need some help in terms of how to burn this movie onto a DL dvd…it doesnt bother me if i have to use another program…as long as it can be done…

Thank you =)

As you have ImgBurn & I am not familiar with your drive, go to ImgBurn / Tools / Drive / Capabilities & see if it will write to Dvd+R DL. If it does go to this thread, read down to post #18.

Your drive is 4 years old. Have you the latest firmware installed on the drive?