Help needed with backing up DVD?

Hi been reading here for a while now and need to back up a few dvds of fine so my kids wont wreck them.

I tried using anydvd to burn the dvd to my HDD then i tried using imgburn to burn it but having a few issues with it.

The anydvd worked fine but it burned the dvd into serval iso files now i cannot get these working on imgburn also the dvd is 7.5gb and my dvds are only 4.7gb.

How do you manage to get this working?

I have been using DVDSHRINK and that worked on a few but not all of them

Any help would be great, thanks :bigsmile:

I’ve found that if DVDShrink fails then try it again with AnyDVD running in the background this worked for me, one example was Resident Evil: Apocalypse this failed everytime, until i tried it with AnyDVD running in the back ground, and then it worked first time.

Thanks but that did not work.

What DvD’s are you backing up?

First of all you don’t use AnyDvD to burn. The main function of Anydvd is to remove copy protections of the medium your are trying to copy. Use Anydvd ( latest version ) with either DvD shrink or DvD Decrypter and save your image to your desktop. Then use Imgburn to burn the image. You can also try RipIt4Me which is a new program that works with DvD Shrink or DvD Decrypter.

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Ok its Fun with Dick and Jane.

I used ANyburn to copy the files to my desktop

Can someone do a step by step guide how to use Anydvd and dvdshrink/dvd decypter (have them both) to make a image file.

Also would you get all the extras, menus etc?

Have a look at this.

Have AnyDvD running before you place the movie in the drive. Then rip it to the HD.

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