Help needed with 716A and ext. enclosure



Bought a 716A and a Hotway ext. enclosure
and my computer is unable to detect the drive.
but when i use another ext. enclosure the computer is able to detect it.
is there anything that i can do other that getting a new ext enclosure ??

the hotway enclosure info :
The Chipset it uses are Genesys GL 811E for USB 2.0 and GL 711E for Firewire. There are one USB port and two Fireport on the back. Also, there is a FAN builit in and also power switch. This unit will be compatible with all CD / CD-R / RW / DVD / R / RW. You can also mount a hard drive inside and this unit support hard drive up to 300GB (according to manufacture specification)

is the chipset un-compatiable with the drive or ??

my other drive all works well with the enclosure


It looks like it may be incompatable.

I have never heard of a Genesys chipset (but I have only seen a few chipsets).

The best one for me was the Prolific but it can vary.

The new batch of 16x DVD writers seem to be VERY picky as to which chipsets they will work correctly with. My PX-708 loved my ALi chipset enclosure but the PX-716 hates it & errors out on every burn.