Help needed: video captured from a VHS

Hi, i need help regarding a VHS Rip which i’ve doned(with VDM). First off, i’m a newbie in video processing, and thus, i don’t know the right terms for each video process, thanks in advance for your patience.

Now that being said, now the trouble is that i experience some kind of a speed problem, the image goes from normal to a bit slow with some sort of a motion effec(minor), kinda of a skip or a jammed image but its not jamming/stoping/skipping per say.

Hope you’ll understand my explanation & knows how this trouble is called, so i can use the right term next time.

Maybe there is a filter for VDM to fix this, or maybe there is another kind of procedure involving other apps then VDM and which will fix this weird trouble.

So, can anyone of you guys help me please?

Thanks in advance for any helpful reply

Assuming you are capturing on your PC, this sounds like dropped frames. Such is common when your PC and hard drive cannot keep up with the capture. Defrag your hard drive, or better yet use a separate physical hard drive to capture to. Stop all un-needed processes, then try the capture again.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve tried 4 time the transfer from my VHS(home made) to my brand new PC(a month old, running XP on a DELL Dimension 9200C, iomega quick touch external video capture card). Each time, all un-needed process were stoped, my internet was unplugged, nothing was running(background included), expect of course for the capturing process.

So, with those new info on my system, and how it was running at the time of the capturings(4 times), what can be done?

Like i said, i use VDM, but i’m open to any suggestions, as long as the app(s) don’t cost too much, see VDM is free, but i’m welling to pay for a better app(s) if its really necessary.

Thanks again

I used to use Scenalyzer for capturing and liked it a lot. Then I got tired of the whole headache and bought a DVD recorder. :wink:

Hey Bob!
Sorry, but I have never heard of the IOMEGA capture device. Is it USB connected?
Are you only seeing this problem during the capture, or is this how the video works during playback? Have you tried playing the video back with VideoLan, or PowerDVD?
The most effective and best way to capture is via firewire. Some folks seem to be able to use usb with no problems, and others seem to have all sorts of problems. Second thing to always try, is using different capture softwares. There are many of them. Virtualdub, VirtualVCR, HuffyUV, WINDV, even Windows Movie Maker…
First thing would be to try using different capture softwares, and see if that changes anything.

Hi harley2ride, thanks for the reply.

Yes indeed, Iomega is external and there for uses a USB port.
Yes, only when playing it in VLC, MPC, Power DVD, Winamp video player, in fact in all players and SAP(Stand Alone Player).

The PC is new, but not Iomega(1yr old), and also, i’ve transfered many home VHS(used all apps you’ve metionned, but i prefer VDM), its the 1st time it does that!

I’ve come to the conclusion its best that i try to work with one the rips, i’ve already transfered it 7 times now(3 more since may last post) and it has become clear now that this weird thing doesn’t come from the transfer process, but rather the source it self, so thats why i’ve come to this conclusion, which is work with one the rips.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

So are you saying that you think that the source vhs is bad? Only way to fix that is (1), Capture it using a good quality S-VHS player (JVC) and try some of the different filter settings, or (2) use AVISYNTH and try some of it’s filters to see what works.

Hi again,

Which filters do you suggest? If you could suggest a couples of filters please, that will be of great help.

Thanks again for your time & effort, its appreciated.

Telling you what filters to try, would be impossible without seeing the video. Is it too bright. Too dark. filled with noise… Do a little searching and see what all filters are available for AVISYNTH, and then try some on your video and see what you think. That, or post some screen shots here so we can get an idea of what you are up against.