Help needed to find region-free hack for TOHEI model DVD 220S

I’m looking to hack a DVD player to a region-free DVD, the DVD player is a TOHEI (does this brand exists???)model DVD 220S. Please help me to find any little hint about this player or the hack.

You mean TOSHIBA??

Transferring this enquiry to ‘DVD Recorder and Home Entertainment’ section…

I Found Out (in Cdfreaks Webpage) That This “tohei” Dvd Player Was Part Of A Promotion Kit For A Chrysler Van Sale (or Else); And The Brand Used For This Kit Was “hitachi”, But Have No Luck In Finding The Model Dvd-220s For Hitachi Dvd Player.

Tohei Is A Manufacturer Of Dvd Parts, And Rarely Built A Complete Dvd Player, Like In This Case, So This Is A Big Problem To Find A Hack.

So Can Someone Knows The Way To Make This Works?